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Apuro Coffee Machine

$364.18  ex GST

Pour on machine supplied with 1.8 litre glass jug. Independently controlled upper hotplate allows co..

Apuro Hotel Room Kettle 1Ltr

$22.13  ex GST

This cordless mini kettle from Apuro features an ergonomic handle, automatic cut-off, overheating pr..

Apuro Kitchen Kettle 3.5Ltr

$44.55  ex GST

A high capacity stainless steel kettle for light duty commercial use, the Apuro Kitchen Kettle can h..

Apuro Manual Fill Hot Water Urn 10Ltr

$167.89  ex GST

The Apuro 10ltr manual fill hot water urn is a powerful and versatile addition to commercial premise..

Apuro Manual Fill Hot Water Urn 20Ltr

$195.99  ex GST

Powerful and versatile, 20Ltr manual fill water boiler is ideal for mobile caterers, B&Bs, guesthous..

Apuro Manual Fill Hot Water Urn 30Ltr

$223.95  ex GST

Fully commercial and with a powerful 2200W concealed element and 30 litre capacity, the manual fill ..

Apuro Single Spindle Drinks Mixer

$308.12  ex GST

The ever popular Apuro Spindle Drinks Mixer is the commercial choice for preparing great milkshakes,..

Apuro Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7Ltr

$33.34  ex GST

With a generous 1.7Ltr capacity, the Apuro Stainless Steel General Purpose Kettle is simple, yet fun..

Apuro Twin Hotplate

$123.04  ex GST

Strong, sturdy and reliable, the Apuro Twin Coffee Hotplate provides an attractive coffee jug storag..

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