Disinfectant Wipes

$49.90  ex GST

These disinfectant wipes will de-contaminate any surface in food handling areas or food production e..

Disposable Glove Dispenser

$17.90  ex GST

Wall mountable wire rack for disposable gloves. Size: 360(H)x 260(W)x 105(D)mm 360(H)x 260(W)x 105(D..

Drip Tray to fit Glass Storage Basket 425 x 350mm

$42.50  ex GST

Drip trays for glass baskets. 75(H)x 425(W)x 350(D)mm..

Eazyzap Commercial Insect Killer

$119.90  ex GST

The high quality Eazyzap Insect Killer has a strong metal casing with high visibility tubes to attra..

Eazyzap Commercial Insect Killer 100m2

$99.90  ex GST

High quality insect killer in strong metal casing with high visibility tubes to attract flies and ot..

Eazyzap Commercial Insect Killer 50m2

$89.90  ex GST

Encased in solid metal with catchment tray, the 8watt ultraviolet tubes attract unwanted flies, wasp..

Eazyzap Insect Killer 1X50W

$149.90  ex GST

This lantern-style insect killer from Easy-Zap features a high tension grid to kills insects effecti..

Entrance Mat Large

$29.90  ex GST

The large sized steel coloured entrance mat is perfect for front of house. Whilst improving overall ..

Entrance Mat Small

$12.50  ex GST

This highly durable and attractive entrance mat is ideal for front of house operations. As well as i..

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