Jantex Garbage Bags Black Pack of 200

$22.50  ex GST

The Jantex Standard Duty Black Garbage Bags hold up to 10Kg of general waste making them ideal for u..

Jantex Garbage Bags Blue Pack of 200

$37.50  ex GST

The Jantex Garbage Bags Blue10Kg are manufactured the UK from 100% recycled polythene with puncture ..

Jantex Garbage Bags Green Pack of 200

$37.50  ex GST

Holding up to 10kg of waste, the Jantex Garbage Bags Green10Kg are great for use in public areas, en..

Jantex Garbage Bags Red Pack of 200

$37.50  ex GST

These red garbage bags from Jantex are ideal for use in washrooms, thanks to their red design that f..

Jantex Garbage Bags Yellow Pack of 200

$37.50  ex GST

The Jantex Garbage Bags Yellow10Kg are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled polythene, making t..

Jantex Glass Washing Liquid 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Speciality approved liquid detergent for automatic glass washing machines. Capacity: 5Ltr..

Jantex Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaner 750ml

$6.90  ex GST

Jantex Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaner is the perfect Window, Mirror and Stainless Steel Cleaner in a ..

Jantex Hand Towel Dispenser

$34.90  ex GST

An ultra-strong and versatile towel dispenser by Jantex which will fit a large range of hand towels...

Jantex Hand Washing Antibacterial Liquid 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Unperfumed liquid hand soap with antiseptic properties, particularly suited for use in areas where f..

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