Jantex 15 litre Bottle Dispense Tap

$3.90  ex GST

Jantex plastic screw in tap used in conjunction with the Jantex 15 litre bottles for an effective an..

Jantex Bleach 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Chlorine activated bleach and sanitiser containing 4% of available chlorine...

Jantex Dual Action Deodorizer and Cleaner 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Heavy duty general purpose detergent sanitiser containing natural citrus solvents. Capacity: 5Ltr..

Jantex Glass Washing Liquid 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Speciality approved liquid detergent for automatic glass washing machines. Capacity: 5Ltr..

Jantex Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaner 750ml

$6.90  ex GST

Jantex Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaner is the perfect Window, Mirror and Stainless Steel Cleaner in a ..

Jantex Heavy Duty Disinfectant and Sanitiser 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

Commercial grade disinfectant with a pleasant lemon fragrance based upon quaternary ammonium compoun..

Jantex Manual Dishwashing Liquid 15Ltr

$42.40  ex GST

If you require an economical and cost efficient washing up liquid, the Jantex Manual Dishwashing Liq..

Jantex Manual Dishwashing Liquid 5Ltr

$17.90  ex GST

The Jantex Manual Dishwashing Liquid is a budget priced liquid dishwashing detergent with an apple f..

Jantex Multi Purpose Cleaner 15Ltr

$42.40  ex GST

A multi purpose solvent detergent for general degreasing and cleaning duties. Capacity: 15Ltr..

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