Bolero Housekeeping Trolley

$496.04  ex GST


Carlisle Grillmaster Grillstone

$11.66  ex GST

Quality pumice stone tackles built-up stubborn cooked grease. Pumice Stone (Handle Sold Separately)...

Disinfectant Wipes

$47.98  ex GST

These disinfectant wipes will de-contaminate any surface in food handling areas or food production e..

Griddle Cleaning Pad

$18.68  ex GST

These heat resistant griddle cleaning pads are suitable for light cleaning and shining, removing lig..

Griddle Cleaning Screens

$17.63  ex GST

Open mesh screen pads remove burnt on food and grease. Open Mesh Screen. Pack quantity: 20..

Griddle Cleaning System

$15.52  ex GST

The lightweight griddle cleaner pad holder is a great accessory for your griddle cleaning pads, allo..

Grillmaster Grillstone Handle

$54.12  ex GST

Quality pumice stone tackles built-up stubborn cooked grease. Handle. (Stone Sold Separately)...

Jantex 18in Galvanised Squeegee

$13.60  ex GST

The Jantex 18in Galvanised Squeegee makes wiping water from tiles, glass and flooring easy, helping ..

Jantex Antibacterial All Purpose Cloth Blue

$27.96  ex GST

These all purpose cloths are available in a portable dispenser and are perforated for an easy tear. ..

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