Metos by Moffat Viking 100 Ltr Combi Electric Kettle 100E

$37,149.90  ex GST

Immensely powerful and endlessly versatile, the Metos Viking 100E combi cooking kettle allows you to..

Metos by Moffat Viking 40 Ltr Combi Electric Kettle 40E

$33,549.90  ex GST

Mix, mash and cook up to 40 litres of food with the high quality Metos Viking Combi Cooking Kettle. ..

Metos by Moffat Viking 60 Ltr Combi Electric Kettle 60E

$34,649.90  ex GST

Mix, cook or a combination or both with the powerful Metos Viking 60E Combi Cooking Kettle. With its..

Metos by Moffat Viking 80 Ltr Combi Electric Kettle 80E

$36,599.90  ex GST

Speed up your cooking times by combining cooking and mixing in a high capacity, powerful Metos Vikin..

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