Bamboo Skewer Looped 100mm

$15.90  ex GST

Measuring 10cm long, this skewer is manufactured from one the most economically responsible material..

Bamboo Skewer Looped 180mm

$18.90  ex GST


Bamboo Skewer Looped 60mm

$13.90  ex GST

Made from one of the most economically responsible materials available, this biodegradable bamboo sk..

Vegware Compostable Fork

$79.90  ex GST

Offering a sustainable alternative to conventional petro-chemical-derived plastics, Vegware use rene..

Vegware Compostable Knife

$79.90  ex GST

Vegware offer sustainable, economical alternatives to petro-chemical-derived products. Made from ren..

Vegware Compostable Spoon

$79.90  ex GST

Perfect for serving with takeaway food such as ice cream or frozen yoghurt, Vegware make this cutler..

Vegware Compostable Teaspoon

$94.90  ex GST

Perfect for the ecologically minded, these teaspoons from Vegware are made from renewable resources ..

White Plastic Dessert Spoon

$2.50  ex GST

White, lightweight plastic cutlery. 145mm. Pack quantity: 100..

White Plastic Fork

$2.50  ex GST

White, lightweight plastic cutlery. 150mm. Pack quantity: 100..

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