Castaway Disposable Beer Cups 425ml

$6.50  ex GST

Ideal for vendors at zero waste events or economically focused festivals, these disposable pint glas..

Castaway Disposable Beer Glass 285ml

$4.90  ex GST

Great for outdoor events or anywhere it is not permissible to use solid glassware. These certified h..

Disposable Champagne Flute 150ml

$189.90  ex GST

Great for use at outdoor events where it is not is not permissible to use solid glassware or when wa..

Disposable Margarita Glass 180ml

$119.90  ex GST


Disposable Wine Glass 150ml

$189.90  ex GST

Serve small glasses of wine at functions or large outdoor events with these 150ml disposable glasses..

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