Apuro Hotel Room Kettle 1Ltr

$19.90  ex GST

This cordless mini kettle from Apuro features an ergonomic handle, automatic cut-off, overheating pr..

Apuro Kitchen Kettle 3.5Ltr

$39.90  ex GST

A high capacity stainless steel kettle for light duty commercial use, the Apuro Kitchen Kettle can h..

Apuro Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7Ltr

$29.90  ex GST

With a generous 1.7Ltr capacity, the Apuro Stainless Steel General Purpose Kettle is simple, yet fun..

Birko Food and Drink Heater 1300ml 1010088

$109.90  ex GST

Incredibly versatile, the Birko portable food heater has been used by generations of people to cook ..

Birko Food and Drink Heater 800ml 1010062

$99.90  ex GST

A superbly versatile portable food heater, the Birko is a hugely useful and popular camping aid. Equ..

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