De Buyer Kobra Mandoline

$124.90  ex GST

An easy to use mandoline with stainless steel blade. The innovative V-shaped blade has a micro-serra..

Tellier Potato Chipper

$674.90  ex GST

This high quality Tellier potato chipper can be operated either on a work surface or a table top, to..

Vogue 4 Way Hand Grater

$6.50  ex GST

A stainless steel box grater with a strong ABS handle. This grater will produce four different shred..

Vogue 6 Way Hand Grater

$8.50  ex GST

This Vogue box grater makes 6 different shreds. Manufactured from stainless steel and featuring an A..

Vogue Duplex Egg Slicer

$8.90  ex GST

This aluminium boiled egg slicer will allow you to cut boiled eggs into thin slices with a minimum o..

Vogue Heavy Duty Box Grater

$12.50  ex GST

A high quality stainless steel grater allowing for four different shreds. This grater will make an i..

Vogue Japanese Mandoline

$49.90  ex GST

This Japanese mandoline is perfect for effortless and precise cutting of vegetables. This high quali..

Vogue Japanese Vegetable Spiralizer and Slicer

$59.90  ex GST

A premium quality Japanese vegetable slicer with four interchangeable blades. This slicer can be use..

Vogue Jumbo Japanese Mandoline

$74.90  ex GST

This large Japanese mandoline is ideal for the quick and precise slicing and cutting of vegetables, ..

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