Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 0.35Ltr

$8.50  ex GST

This high quality jar from Kilner features a clip top lid with rubber seal that ensures a completely..

Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 125ml

$7.50  ex GST

This durable and practical preserve jar from Kilner has a metal clip top and airtight rubber seal to..

Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 1Ltr

$12.50  ex GST

Safe and ideal for storing preserves, jams and pickles, as well as dry food stuffs like rice, sugar ..

Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 2Ltr

$14.90  ex GST

This large 2 litre Kilner preserve jar is strong and practical, with a metal clip top lid and airtig..

Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 500ml

$9.90  ex GST

Keep your preserves, jams, pickles and more fresh with the 500ml preserve jar from Kilner. The jar f..

Kilner Hexagonal Twist Top Jar 48ml

$2.90  ex GST

These high quality, hexagonal twist top jars from Kilner and will make a great addition to your kitc..

Kilner Homemade Jar Labels

$4.90  ex GST

Once you've made your favourite jam, preserve or sauce, you need to label the jar up with your very ..

Kilner Push Top Jar 0.65Ltr

$10.90  ex GST

Brought to you by Kilner and adored by home bakers and chefs alike, these jars are perfect for stori..

Kilner Push Top Jar 1Ltr

$12.90  ex GST

The Kilner push top jars are perfect for storing a wide range of contents, from flour and sugar to c..

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