Birko Cold Food Bar 1040120

$1,079.90  ex GST

Keep your best sellers chilled and attractively displayed using the Birko 120ltr Cold Food Bar. With..

Birko Cold Food Bar 1040160

$1,339.90  ex GST


Ceado Ice Crusher V90

$1,049.90  ex GST

This vertical Ceado ice crusher features a light alloy housing and stainless steel container. This l..

Friginox by Moffat 15 Tray Reach In Blast Chiller MX55ATS

$16,299.90  ex GST

Essential for serious food hygiene, the Friginox MX55ATS Blast Chiller combines a generous 15x full ..

Friginox by Moffat 15 Tray Reach In Blast Chiller MX75ATS

$19,499.90  ex GST

Bring food temperatures down quickly and safely with the powerful and reliable Friginox MX75ATS blas..

Friginox by Moffat 20 Tray Roll In Blast Chiller MX65CATS-C

$28,099.90  ex GST

When it comes to high capacity blast chilling, the Friginox MX65cATS-C Roll-In Blast Chiller / Freez..

Friginox by Moffat 21 Tray Reach In Blast Chiller MX85AYS

$24,099.90  ex GST

With an impressively large capacity of 21 full size (1/1) gastronorm pans, the Friginox MX85ATS blas..

Friginox by Moffat 3 Tray Reach In Blast Chiller MX15-5AEM

$6,949.90  ex GST

A fantastic quality compact commercial blast chiller from Friginox, the MX-15 enables you to preserv..

Friginox by Moffat 4 Tray Built In Blast Chiller MX20AENC

$10,399.90  ex GST

The ideal front of house compact blast chiller, the Friginox MX20AENCTS is designed to be able to be..

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