Bamboo Room Service Tray

$29.90  ex GST

Perfectly sized for room service in hotels or for drinks service. Bamboo can be replenished quickly,..

Circular Serving Tray

$8.90  ex GST


Fibreglass Tray 405 x 280mm

$99.90  ex GST

These fibreglass trays with a speckled finish are ideal for use in healthcare environments. Measurin..

Fibreglass Tray 560 x 405mm

$199.90  ex GST

Created from fibreglass, these trays feature a speckled finish and are ideal for use in healthcare e..

Kristallon Chrome Folding Tray Stand

$33.49  ex GST

Chrome folding tray stand to fit C162 Oval Tray (sold separately). Fits C162 Oval Tray (supplied sep..

Kristallon Fibreglass Service Tray 305 x 405mm

$8.50  ex GST

Granite-look fibreglass trays for institutional use. 305(W)x 405(D)mm...

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