Apuro Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

$1,120.95  ex GST

The Apuro Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine is easy to use, exceptionally reliable and offers a very hi..

Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer

$784.58  ex GST

Perfect for fast, professional vacuum packing, the Apuro light duty chamber vacuum sealer helps to e..

Sammic Vacuum Pack Machine SV-306T

$5,886.26  ex GST


Sammic Vacuum Pack Machine SV-310T

$6,334.76  ex GST


Vacuum Pack Bags 150 x 350mm

$12.15  ex GST

Vacuum packed bags are an efficient and hygenic way of sealing and storing food products whilst exte..

Vacuum Sealer Bags 150 x350mm

$21.90  ex GST


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